Friday, July 15, 2011

Goal Met! And some pics


I wanted to ride 100 mi this week and did it!  Considering this is just week 3 of my new obsession I think that’s pretty good.  I feel awesome, lost a couple pounds, definitely feel stronger and I got to put away some clothes that were too big and now fit in some I haven’t worn for over a year.   Part of it is due to this


First large basket of veggies from the garden.  We’ve eaten them all (well, I canned about 10 jars of pickles too) and pick about this much every 2 or 3 days.


Today I biked to the river park in Pottstown, back through Birdsboro, to Gibraltar, up Gibraltar Rd to the Exeter Trail, I found this sign at the end (above).  I used to walk the Exeter Trail but had never gone this far.  It continues up Neversink Mountain but I tried pushing the bike up and it’s just too rough and steep to do on the bike (now anyway, I may get brave eventually).


Last week me and 2 buddies rode up to the Blue Marsh Stilling Basin.  Red Bridge seen along the way.


Beginning of the connector trail from the Union Canal Trail to Blue Marsh.  Sign above on one side of the road, below are on the other.



That’s Berks County Prison off in the distance, lol.




Beginning of the official Blue Marsh trails (we haven’t done that yet).





I’ve been trying to get a good Blue Heron pic…this ones not so hot.

I had a great week & I’m biking this route again Sunday to the Berks Heritage Center for a free tour day. 

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