Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Draft of Bike Bag



Excuse my cheap bike, it does get me from A to B (and I just picked up a second, nicer bike) but I wanted to share my first attempt at a frame bag.  You wouldn’t believe how much stuff I can haul around! 


That bottle holder pocket didn’t work, it hit my leg so it’s coming off but the rest worked great.  There’s a large zipper on the other side-inside is a spare tube, extra water bottle, wallet, tool pouch, a pretty decent first aid kit, sunscreen, digicam & granola bars.  I need to tweak the design a bit but considering I made it in about an hour with nothing but a newspaper template, tape measure & some scrap (waterproof) duck cloth I had on hand, I’m happy with it.  Now I need to figure out how to fit one on my true mtn bike that’s a girls model with less space.

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