Friday, August 19, 2011

Cleaning off the digi-cam


Haven’t had time for a lot of riding lately.  Towards the end of this heat spell


I came down with a wicked cold slash virus slash bronchitis slash “can’t totally get rid of the hideous nighttime cough.”  If I can’t sleep at night I sure can during the day, thus not much productivity…


Did manage to wander slightly off the trail near Lancaster Ave to Schlegal Park a couple weeks ago.  Not much happening there these days but it is a nice view of the fire tower, pagoda & city.


Whole lotta this going on…


My favorite “can barely grow it here Southern veggie.”   (okra for the under privileged)


A little bit of craftiness…transformed a $1.99 raglan into a custom biking tee.  Just Google ‘freezer paper tutorial’ if you’re into making your own.


And I took a couple plain reflective tees from my stockpile & made them a little more comfy for myself.  Left one shows the 2 back pockets I added to one.  Both got side color blocking which makes them fit better on the bike.  Stupid. Bad. Sizing. For. Tiny. People.


Last Thursday I rode tortured myself on the Perkiomen Trail through Montgomery County from Green Lane Park to wherever-the-hell it ends near Oaks.  I wasn’t quite sure where to start the trail from my parking space so I backtracked before I found the official start--but that allowed me to do the whole. damn. thing. in one shot.  41.3 miles of torture where I neglected to take any food or extra water, my own stupidity…a nice water fountain near Schwenksville on the return saved me from sure death.  Had the camera but only got a couple shots of the pure white great blue heron I spotted near Collegeville.  I turned back at the “Welcome to the Schuylkill River Trail” sign, that’s another ride for another day and my next big hurdle, the run from Oaks to Philadelphia.


This morning brought more of this (I picked a nearly identical basket just yesterday) and lots of canning time today.


I made 5 jars of candied jalapenos, 3 of pickled sweet banana peppers & 5 of peach freezer jam.  Should do us for a few days & then I’ll do it all over again!


Hoping to ride around Green Lane again tomorrow if I have wheels (car is in the shop so we’ll see).  Still coughing & hacking, wish me luck!  Happy trails!